Battle Cry Podcast

Battle Cry is a Podcast that equips men to find their inner warrior and encourages them to stand strong and step into this moment for God’s glory.

Hosted by Zach Clinton, the weekly Podcast tackles the issues and battles that men face daily and features meaningful interviews with some of America’s leading faith-based, motivational, and ministry experts along with professional athletes.

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Be Tough Without a Hardened Heart with Jeff Crothers

Joining us this week on the Battle Cry Podcast is 6th degree black belt and 15 time national and world karate champion, Jeff Crothers. This man is a MIGHTY WARRIOR for the Kingdom of the Lord as he serves and works with Victor Marx at All Things Possible Ministry.

In this week’s episode Jeff discusses how one can be a tough man without hardening one’s heart, Godly contentment, and how we can remain anchored in the Lord even in the midst of extremely high-pressured situations!

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Hope For A Racially Divided Nation with Former NFL Great, Miles McPherson

Joining us is Lead Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego and former defensive back for the San Diego Chargers, Miles McPherson!
Pastor Miles discusses what separates a man from the rest of the pack, how we can step up and live differently, and the THIRD OPTION we have to bring HOPE to a Racially Divided Nation.

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Lead By Example with former MLB star Sid Bream and Zach Clinton

Listen now as former MLB great Sid Bream discusses the importance of the example one sets, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and how we can move from a SAFE life into becoming a DANGEROUS man of the Lord.

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God-Sized Dreams with Zach Clinton and Pastor Mark Batterson

Lead Pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C. and best-selling author, Mark Batterson. Mark is actually the bestselling author of 18 books many of which changed my life… books like The Circle Maker, Whisper, Chase the Lion, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Play the Man, All In, and many more. Pastor Mark shares incredible insight on God Sized DREAMS, Intimate PRAYER, Hearing the Holy Spirit’s WHISPER, and Chasing our everyday LIONS.

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Tragedy to Triumph with Zach Clinton and Josh Barrick

Josh Barrick joins host Zach Clinton and speaks into he and his family’s powerful testimony, the struggle and battle it is to forgive, how Forgiveness is actually FREEING, and how God was able to move in the midst of tragedy to remain TRIUMPHANT through it all!

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Josh Thornhill with Zach Clinton on Suffering, Loss, & Grief

Listen now as former Michigan State football team captain and now Licensed Physician Assistant, Josh Thornhill shares his family’s heart wrenching story.

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ALBERT PUJOLS, Los Angeles Angels First Baseman on Faith and Family with Zach Clinton

Albert is one of the GREATEST to step onto a baseball diamond… a for sure 1st ballot Hall of Famer!! But let me tell you something about Albert – Yes he’s a man who not only has a long list of accolades to his name but more importantly, a man who knows where his identity lies. At the end of the day – his RELATIONSHIP with CHRIST, with his WIFE, and with his FAMILY will always mean more than anything else to him. He recognizes that there is so much more to life than just a game.

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Black Hawk Down, retired Sergeant Major, Kyle Lamb on Becoming a Dangerous Man

Joining the Ignite Men’s Battle Cry Podcast this week is retired Sergeant Major, Kyle Lamb.

Kyle has been a part of many foreign conflicts including Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq, as well as the battle made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu, Somalia. Sergeant Major Lamb has received many valorous awards and decorations for his service. ⁣

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Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Adam Haseley on Humility and Hope

Joining us this week on the Battle Cry Podcast is Philadelphia Phillies outfielder and former UVA baseball superstar, Adam Haseley. He was drafted 8th overall by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2017 MLB draft where he still plays today!
Adam discusses how we can be rebellious against a culture constantly trying to conform us. He hones in on 4 critical topics of Humility, Hunger, Heart, and Hope. You don’t want to miss this incredible interview!

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Mental Toughness with UNC Pitching Coach Bryant Gaines

Coach Bryant Gaines of UNC Chapel Hill joins host Zach Clinton to discuss leadership, mental toughness, having a warrior mindset, and facing adversity.

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